1996 Census Community Profiles


Australia | New South Wales | Statistical Local Area

Parramatta (C)

Code 105406250 (SLA)

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1996 Community Profiles are available on the website for Main ASGC geography, comprising States, Statistical Divisions, Statistical Subdivisions and Statistical Local Areas.

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If no profiles are returned, the area selected had no people or a low population in the 1996 Census.

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LATEST ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (AEST) 01/07/1997

For more information regarding place of enumeration or place of usual residence count methods, see the Population Measures fact sheet

The information contained in this Community Profile has been produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics | It contains data from the 2001 Census of Population & Housing held on 7 August 2001 | Release date of this Community Profile was 19 November 2002 | Some values may have been adjusted to avoid release of confidential data | These adjustments may have a significant impact on the calculated percentages in Community Profiles | For more information refer to Introduced Random Error in the 2001 Census Dictionary. For further enquiries contact the ABS National Information and Referral Service on 1300 135 070 | www.abs.gov.au/census

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